Frigid Mostyn
           AGE: 19 | GENDER: Male | RACE: British | HEIGHT: 171 cm

The main character of the story! Frigid Mostyn is a cheerful young boy living in nineteenth century England. His life has been riddled with questions and he often wonders if fate has been toying with him all these years. As a child, he saw his parents board a train and leave him behind. Thirteen years later, he is still searching for the truth behind what happened that day.

Frigid's character was the second to be designed and developed for this story. ...His character design is based off of a Gaia avie of mine. Can you guess which items were used? Some parts of his outfit was simplified, though, since I had created it out of memory when I first drew him. At first, I had planned to write many short (5 pages or less) comics and Frigid was to be the star of one of them. The plotline would have been a boy and his dog living in a world full of ghosts. But before I had even began that, DLR had expanded and took him as main character instead!

           Check Garrow
           AGE: - | GENDER: Female | RACE: British (Dead) | HEIGHT: 173 cm

A harsh girl working as the assistant conductor of one of the trains that carry the dead to their next life, Check Garrow is often described as emotionless. She has been living in the world of the dead for well over 50 years, but the magic of the place keeps her appearance in her late teens. Her current situation is an upsetting one, but she has long since gave up fighting against it. She accepts her job and the fate that she received as part of a punishment.

Check was originally the main character of this comic! ...But then I changed my mind. Although, she has an important role, still; a role just as important as Frigid's, in fact! Her design was also based off one of my old Gaia avies. There hasn't been many adjustments in her case, though. There are a lot of mysteries about her...I hope I can get that feel in coming pages! Her personality was developed by how I felt my Gaia avie would act, but I am happy with the result. I didn't want to have a female character who couldn't fight and only stood on the sidelines crying out the main character's name...

           Common Whittaker
           AGE: - | GENDER: Male | RACE: Dead (British) | HEIGHT: 175 cm


Check's long time best friend, Common Whittaker has to bear the weight of being in the friend zone since day one. Common has a lot of responsibility and is still childish in the sense that he isn't prepared for the tasks to come. He's often worrying his head off about something that really isn't meant for him. Like Check, he has been living in the world of the dead for over 50 years, but appears to be in his late teens. He is a bit younger than Check, though.

I love Common's character, I really do! ...I just tend to give him an unfair role, I suppose. His life is filled with a lot of teen angst. And, uh, probably some other angst too, haven't decided. Likewise, his design is also from a Gaia avie that I had compiled. His design has been changed greatly, though. Strangely, he seems to end up having a more girl-like personality than Check. Haha, makes sense, in a way.

           AGE: - | GENDER: Male | RACE: Canis lupus familiaris | HEIGHT: -

Frigid's best friend who has stuck with him for as long as he can remember! Jest can do some amazing things!

Watch this dog, his role will change drastically...soon! His design came with Frigid's design. I just toned him down a bit so he became simpler to draw. Haha...I'm not that good at drawing animals...

           Foxxarine "Foxxy" Vulpes III
           AGE: - | GENDER: Female | RACE: British (Dead) (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) | HEIGHT: 163 cm


One of the workers aboard the train. She works as an attendant for the train. She has a bubbly and flirtatious personality, something Check doesn't like as it interferes with work. However, she is also a hard worker and takes her job very seriously.

I'm still deciding whether or not to leave her as a minor character or promote her to a supporting character with some chapters where she will have some importance. As an example for a more "normal" resident in the world of the dead, I'm still trying to decide what sort of past she has.

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